In Munich for knowledge!

The Handball Federation of Serbia and the Serbian coaches  union sent two young coaches who working with younger categories to the coach seminar held in Munich before the European championship.

Igor Nikolic has been working with young plazers in Red Star for many years and won the title with his Red Star at the last Serbian Junior Championship and many titles before that. Dragan Vidovic is the coach of the Sloven women’s club from Ruma with whom he won the titles in Serbia. The mentioned trophies and a many of years of quality work with young plazers was a recommendation to the people in the serbian federation and ZT Serbia to reward and send their in courses to Germany.

The IHF and German Handball Federation trainers’ symposium lasts from 8 to 11 January in Munich. The lecturers are Javier Pascal, Dagur Sigurdson and many others.

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