All the attention is focused on the first match of the championship!

The Croatian handball team arrived in Munich on Wednesday to open the European Championship against the national team of Iceland on Friday.

– We focus immediately on the opponent of the first day of the championship. So, we create that atmosphere, the alertness of the player, the concentration, the focus of attention on the opponent. All attention is directed to the opening of the tournament, claims the coach of Croatian national team Lino Červar.

Iceland is an opponent that does not belong to the very top of the world handball, but it is definitely not convenient for the start of the tournament itself.

– Yes, it’s inconvenient. We do not like that opponent at the beginning. Like us, and they are first to be placed on the Olympics, then you can imagine how they will stand up to us.

There is no doubt about the importance of points at the start of the tournament

– These two points are important, of course, that there will be a struggle between us and them. We must stick to what we have agreed. We can not let them put a game on us, Cervar will say. They have a very inconvenient transition, we have to overdo them and then we can hit their goal. Tactical discipline is very important, Cervar warns.

Cervar does not want to talk too much about the medal. He is aware that such conversations may further burden the players.

– Sometimes such diagnoses can have an opposite effect on the players, so they put pressure on themselves. It is therefore important that we focus on the game and less on the final result. The result will be what we deserve. There are a lot of high-quality teams, concluded an experienced expert Lino Cervar

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