Going to the second round is our ambition

Serbian national team coach, Nenad Perunicic, after 16 years, returns to the big scene in a different role. Once one of the best left-wing planets won a two-bronze medal (EP 1996 and SP 1999) in a representative career, and exactly two decades after the medal in Egypt, they will lead the national team from SP 2019 in Germany.

The first rival will be the selection of Russia (Friday, 6 pm).

– It’s nice to come after so many years in such a big scene. The players are aware that we did not come here to just, that’s it, appeared. It’s been emphasized, we said, we have ambition from the first match with Russia in which we want to win. I would not talk about the atmosphere, because it can be deceptive. It’s important to me that it’s quiet, that the players are focused, that it’s from the beginning, that we are aware of the work, the sacrifice made by the players. They were disciplined from the start. We took care of them, not to get tired of them, from a fitness trainer to a medical staff, we did everything best for them. We did not have one, nor the slightest problem. We did not release anything. We watched the video, all segments, every detail, so it works in the club.

Selection of Russia is led by Eduard Koksharov, while the goalkeeper coach is former Serbian selector Dejan Peric. The Russians in preparation for the SP in two matches with Sweden have made a convincing defeat and a draw.

– All friendly matches can be deceptive. As much as you play a fantastic friendly, the official competition is something completely different. This brings new weight, reflector light, arena playing. You can even 15 goals to win in the friendly match, it does not mean anything, because at the start you can lose from the weaker. We saw what was good, what was not, why we got together. Players must be aware that they are designated by all candidates to represent their country. This coat of arms has a greater symbolism. They have to accept the national team in this particular way.

What kind of ambitions does the team receive from SP?

– Passing into the second round is our ambition. All that would be different is my responsibility and great disappointment for me and for all players. We did not watch weaker or stronger opponents. Each will have the same approach. We do not have the right to think differently. These guys got a chance they have to respect. Although they are young, that does not mean they have time. They must immediately show why they are. My defeats have been defeated, and the victories are the victories of the players.

Source Balkan Handball

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