Super Cup of Italy won!

Branko Dumnić achieved a new success in Italy with his Presano, with which he won the Super Cup of Italy.

This is his first time in history to win this trophy, and in the match decision the champion of Italy Akva-Sapone with 24:22.

– This is a very big success for my club, which after winning the Cup managed to get the trophy in the Super Cup of Italy for the first time in its history. We had one very difficult and uncertain game against the champions of Italy, which was to be expected. The match started badly and we lost 7: 2, but after a great fight we managed to reverse and in the end we celebrated. Although the match was on the neutral ground, we practically played away because we played in the hall that is in the city from which the champion of the country is, said Branko Dumnić.

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