” Revenge ” for defeat in Split!

celand team with many problems are waiting for the first match of the World Cup in Munich against Croatia after they were left without the best Icelandic archer in history.

For this championship, the Icelanders have been deprived of the service of the best scorer and winger Guyon Valur Sigurdsson, and the performance of Arnard Fryr Arnarsson is uncertain. Kristiansand Arnarsson, a Christian, suffered a nose injury and a facial mask on Christmas, which he can not carry in an official game.

Gudmundur Gudmundsson, the Icelandic coach who took the Olympic gold medal to Rio in 2016, gave his players a free day on Tuesday.

– I wanted to give them some rest and let them think about something other than handball. On Friday, we will play with Croatia, a very strong team that beat us last time in Split and we will try to “revenge” it, although it’s a team that almost always comes to the semifinals.

Gudjon was the foundation of our team, it certainly would come to us well, but we need to do it without him. Her replacement Sigurmansson was also hurt, so she will depend heavily on Bjarky Elison. We are ready for the match with Croatia, which will determine our performance at the SP, concluded Gudmundsson

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