Announcement of the group phase of the EHF Cup and a little bit about the recently completed World Championship!

Eurofarm Rabotnik starts its participation in the group phase of the EHF Cup, hosting the Bundesliga Hannover, which is led by the famous Carlos Antonio Ortega from the bench. Unlike last season, this team is not doing the best in the domestic competition, but the coach of the Macedonian representative Djordje Cirkovic is aware that the position in the table does not give a realistic picture of the strength of the first opponent in the group whose members are Nekse and Tatabanja.

I think that first of all we should experience this as a handball holiday. The boys earned this. We expect six great games, in full halls and real handball ambient, we should enjoy it. I think that without a basis in our public, a picture of Hannover is created as a weak team, since they are 14th in the table of the Bundesliga. The more I analyze, the more I am clear that they are one of the most organized teams I have seen this year. They have three backs in the roster that played the semifinals of the World Cup. And they played it, and not just filled the composition. The only problem for them is a few injured players, which are tracked all season. I very much appreciate my colleague Ortega, I think his Vesper was the most organized in the last five or six years. We will feel tomorrow in the field a very serious, organized team that plays beautiful handball.
Unlike all three teams in this group, Eurofarm Rabotnik in the winter break suffered personnel changes in the winter break, and it is time to integrate them into the new system, which is a handicap for us. We did a good job during the preparation, but the fact is that we did not have enough time. However, there is nothing left for us to do but try everything we can in these six games. I’m sure that in April or May we will look much better than it is now, “Cirkovic said before the clash with Hannover.

The match is scheduled for Saturday 19:30. In the first game of the first round, Nekse as a guest defeated Tatabanya 28:27

In Macedonia, handball is number one, which you think about the expansion of handball in the country in recent years. Is this something special compared to other countries in the region where handball is on the margins?

– It’s absolutely true and it’s a great feeling to do a job when you know that a great number of people are watching it passionately (of course, there is no middle ground in those circumstances). I can only wish that these investments, love and passion towards the handball game will be repeatedly returned.

You followed the World Cup? What impresses you, who thrilled you, who disappointed most?

– Unfortunately, not in the way I would like. It is always due to the obligations towards the club in parallel, postponed, incomplete (except the ending itself). I share the general impression of convincing and shining Danes who first took the SP. I am particularly pleased by the fact that one such, perfect technical-tactical handball can reach the very top. So far, the physical preparation of the team to play a rather brutal and inhuman tournament was crucial.

Croatian national team won the sixth place, what did that impression leave on you?

– It’s still the level of handball for the world’s top. From the semifinals of the big competition (where no one was more than Croatia no longer), they shared their shades, but also the creative interpretation of handball rules (the trial against Germany).

Serbia has not yet managed to break into the second round, what needs to be changed in order for the national team to fight for bigger ranges.

– I consider personalization of the problem in which Serbian handball is located is immature and therefore I never log on this platform. The crisis in our handball is structural and the consequence of the extremely bad law in sports. In it the club is called the basic unit of the sports system, and in the same law you have no solution (proposal) of financing the “basic unit of the sports system”.

When almost all clubs in Serbia apply the strategy of “survival” or “low-end strategy” then placement at the SP is a great result. Although this will be done to someone like fleeing the answer, I think that this is a focus of the essential problem. So, the solution for financing sports clubs, then the club with the budget (professional management, good trainers, selected young players (not on the basis of membership fees and other criteria), then for seven, eight years, and then the result will also come in the big competition.

Personally, who are your handball models, whom do you consider the best handball player of all time?

– I’ve never had a model in that classical sense! It’s more respect and admiration for handball players who have achieved great things and have moved some limits in our sport. In my time, the sport entered “through the skin” (when you are keen on watching a match). When I was 10-11, they were Isakovic and Vujovic. Later I was “eating” when I was looking at psycho-physical perfection on the ground in the form of Karabatic or the power of Balic’s imagination. Today I “eat” when I see “Hansen’s ease of existence”. And in fact, it’s the essence, maybe all of our stories – to create a player and he will create a game. concluded Cirkovic.


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