Maksic on the current handball situation and plans for the future!

Nenad Maksic has good results in his first season in Qatar and hopes to be even better with his club Al Sado. Formerly a great gay back and now a successful coach who has long led Belgrade’s Partizan has a wish to return to European handball since next season.

What are the recent impressions on Qatar handball?

– The result of Katar’s representation at the World Cup is the real state of handball in the country, the bearers of the game are players who played or played in Europe plus Saric on goal. The big problem is that most of the players and the players in almost all teams have a job and can not devote themselves to handball as professionals and then it is a problem for the trainer to implement a program and a program that requires professional sports. The league is suspended almost every year due to the participation of representation in the Asian Games, the World Cup or qualifying for the Olympic Games. Regardless of everything, there are quality players and surely when the play starts, there will be high quality games.

Goals for the end of the season with your club?

– The team is young and the idea of the club’s top clubs was that in the two or three years the club will again fight for trophies. But, as I already said in the answer to the first question, because it is very difficult to implement the preparation and planning plans, the question is how much this is feasible. what is happening, we are currently third, we are well playing, we are the youngest team in the league and now the goal is to choose between the 4th team and these places enable participation in the Asian Champions League and the Gulf Cup.

Have you followed the World Cup in Germany and Denmark, your short analysis and what is the future of the handball?

– The finest finals were played by the two best teams in the world, I think that the placement of all other teams is real and reflects the current quality. Handicap I love very much, I enjoy it and because of that, I believe that there is a bright future that demonstrated the participants of the World Cup finals.

Follow the handball in Serbia and you Partizan? How does the current quality of the home league look to you?

– Of course, I follow Partizan games that are variable, which is understandable, because the composition has changed during the league, but I am sure that they will be part of the play. The quality of the league will be shown as last year, in the games in the play and I think that the play will be a nuance better than last year, which is good for us handball.

National team of Serbia and Perunicic, your opinion?

– Much has been said in the last few months about the national team, the selection of the player, the lack of a player, the qualifying games and the world championship. The truth is that Nenad has become a selector in a very difficult time, he certainly is not easy and he is waiting for him in difficult qualifications. I believe that he will succeed in this with the players he has chosen and those who will join because we have an obligation to be participants in the World and European Championships so that we can count on the future of our handball

What are the plans for the next season and your wishes?

– I want to be sure to return to Europe, but I do not want to do anything in advance to decide until the championship ends. Al Sad is a club with a great tradition, people who lead it are very responsible and likes handball, the team is young and it is my pleasure to work with these young players, the conditions for training are excellent and it will surely be from the results at the end of the season that the decision depends about my stay in the club, of course, mutual, – concluded the experienced Nenad Maksic.

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