akim komnenic A

Akim Komnenic was born in Vrbas on March 31, 1983. During the year he actively practiced handball in the handball club Vrbas.

Since October 2001, he has been banned from professional sports (due to health problems). Due to his great love for handball, the coach Vladimir Vojvodić gave him the opportunity to work as a coach in Vrbas.

After three years of working with younger categories in Vrbas and a great experience in cooperation with coaches Vladimir Vladimirov, Vladan Jordović and Zoran Puzović, Akim started work in Belgrade at the Junior Handball School where he also enrolled a senior coaching school at FSFV.

Until 2007, he matured in youth work in Junior and SKBG, since then he started working in Belgrade’s handball classes in Partizan, one of the best clubs in work with youth in the region. With the director of the school and the trainers of the club, he started the project of the handball school Partizan. The school counted over 300 young handball players. He led the generation of players born 1996/1997. and 2000/2001. He is also the designer of the development of mini handball and the selection of a player, Partizan’s handball school, through which many of the players who play today in the handball world have passed.

Two seasons 2012/2013. and 2013/2014. he led Prvoligasko’s team Primus from Belgrade, who competed in the First League of Serbia, where in both seasons he fulfilled the club’s goal and gained great experience in working with senior players.

After successful work and achieved results in the previous period, in the season 2014/2015. joined the senior professional staff of Partizan as first assistant Nenad Maksic with one of the youngest teams in the Super League of Serbia. He also worked with the selection of pioneers and with the youngest at the Partizan School of Handball. Since September 2014, he has been appointed as a coordinator for the region of Belgrade responsible for the 2000s childhood as candidates for the national team of Serbia.

After eight years, a call from Israel, one of the best clubs in the Holy Land, Maccabi Tel Aviv HC arrived in Partizan. The contract was signed in two seasons (2015-2019). Akim was in charge of working in handball school with younger categories where he had the project and the goal of organizing a handball academy.

Before the expiry of the two-year contract from the Maccabi Tel Aviv administration, the offer has been extended for another two seasons (2017-2019). He led juniors and cadets Macabi and was in charge of the school of handball as a co-ordinator. In addition to this, he was the first contributor to Nikola Maksimovic in the senior players who won the title of Vice champion of Israel.

In June 2018, for family reasons, he terminated the contract with Makabi and returned to Belgrade where he took over the club Novi Beograd, where he leads senior and junior and hi is general manager of the club.

In December 2018 he finished the Master coach course and placed for the EHF PRO License.

In addition to the coaching work, Akim is very involved in his development by being active in all handball fields, so the idea of establishing a site is solely for handball coaches in the interest of contributing to the development of coach work and better work-improvement.