Ivan Lapcevic leads Pozarevac!

Ivan Lapcevic took the half-season in Pozarevac, who competed in the league of Super League B and took over the position of head coach Igor Sulovic, who continues his career in Jabuka.

– At the invitation of my handball friend Nebojsa Djokic, after several days of discussions and discussions, we came to the conclusion that we have touch points and common interests for mutual cooperation. Požarevac is known for the city of handball, but in the last few years some other sports come to the forefront, and the desire of people from the club is that Požarevac RK will return to the paths of old glory, even more. This season will be a season of temptation, as there is not yet a definition of a toy for the toy. Several important players have gone to other clubs, and we are still looking for adequate substitutions. However, we are aware that the result is not in the forefront of the affirmation of some new young players and the creation of stable foundations for the results that will come in the coming years, said Lapcevic.

So far, Ivan Lapcevic has worked with younger categories of Partizan and Belgrade Railways.

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