Sport is the one who does what others can not do

The third round of qualifications for the EP, between Serbia and Croatia, ended with an unsolved result 25:25 (13:13). Croatian coach Lino Cervar made his observation from the game.

– A difficult and interesting match, the spectators could certainly enjoy it. I would like to congratulate both teams, with all the problems we have come to Belgrade, we have opened a match well. A good defense with the pressure of Mandic, when he got two offs, we relaxed at this stage. Serbia slowly entered the game, so the resultant eagle was seen in the first half. In the second part of the game, the host took the lead, it was difficult to get back, but we showed mental maturity, we proved this at the World Cup, so we can get back from the minus. We were in a bad situation in the end, but in the uncertain game I think that the result is the most irrelevant, everyone had their opportunities – said the coach of Croatia and reflected on the atmosphere in the hall:

– In the floods of all stories, it was nice to see the correct relationship of two representation, high level of player awareness and behavior for each case. We played in a good atmosphere, but the sport is the one that does what others can not do, we showed that we can cooperate with each other – concluded Lino Cervar

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