Handball has expanded, there are no invincible.

NENAD PERUNICIC selektor i trener rukometasa reprezentacije Srbije Sajam sporta na Beogradskom sajmu, Beograd 26.11.2018. godine Foto: Marko Metlas Sajam sporta

Serbian national team coach Nenad Perunicic has selected 17 players who will travel to Berlin on Wednesday for the 2019 World Cup, hosted by Denmark and Germany.

The list contains 17 players, and for the start of the Championship and the first match with Russia (Friday, 18 hours) will be registered 16.

Serbia is in the group with Russia, France, Brazil, South Korea and Germany. The three best selections will be placed in the main phase of the competition (TOP 12), while the rest will play in the Prezident Cup from the 13th to the 24th place.

– Great scenes are waiting for us. The feeling is the same as when I was a player. We have a positive backbone. We want the best possible. We worked on that. The Russians have changed a lot. With the respect of the opponents and all the big teams, I always watch the most myself and my team, attitude, energy, desire and the way we put this pressure from which one can not escape. The boys are aware that they represent their country. Whatever happens, they must present it in the best possible way. There’s no head that’s about to happen. The championship is long. We did not approach the analysis of only the first opponent, but the whole tournament. Every opponent is the best in the world. So we look at what is ahead of us – Perunicic said and commented on the composition with six debutants:

– I do not see that as an alibi. These guys have to show why they are here. Which is why they are ahead of players with more experience and rating. This is their chance to represent their coats of arms and the country. Bring new blood to the team. I expect to show good games from their clubs and confirm why they are here. We know what reality is, but that does not mean that we will not do anything to change it. I do not admit to anyone that it’s better, as long as it does not show the traffic light. Every opponent is the same. I believe in my work and these guys. I do not know what the result will be in the end. We will do our best. We live for this.

Peruničić commented on groups and favorites …

– There are Germans and Danes as hosts. We will see the reaction of the Frenchman without the leader of Nikola Karabatić, but that is a great representation. Surprises are possible. Handball has expanded, there are no invincible

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