Nedeljko Jovanovic new coach of Novi Pazar!

The new team in super league in Serbia presented the coach for the new season. It is about the great ace of the world handball from the end of last and beginning of this century, Nedeljka Jovanovic (48). Popular Neđa se slaće na klupu tima sa visokim ambicijama već u prvom sezoni u elitnom takmičenju. After short training episodes with handball players Jastrepac from Blaca and handball players Inđija, Jovanović will coach in the Super League of Serbia.

This is a new life for me, a new beginning. I was given a great honor and I got a fantastic opportunity to prove myself, I have a positive attitude and I hope that I will turn this energy into great work and that it will culminate at the end of the season. The club is a debutant in the elite, just like me, but our ambitions are great. Why would not we be in the first three teams or would not we play the final of the Cup? It will certainly not be easy for anyone against us – Jovanovic said at the promotion

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